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Founded in 2013, NOYA is a hybrid word stemming from the Mongolian words "nogoon" meaning "green" and "yama" meaning "goat", or green goat. Working in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the nomadic herders in northeastern Mongolia, NOYA is implementing sustainable grazing practices in efforts to preserve the communal grasslands from commercial overgrazing. As part of this effort, we work with the herders to maximize the health and productivity of their livestock, improve the herders economic well-being and implement other social and community development initiatives that help to preserve the nomadic way of life. This process in its entirety yields some of the finest quality cashmere fiber found in Mongolia, if not the world. NOYA connects the herders directly with western brands and textile manufactures and can provide full transparency, traceability for those looking to lead the future of the global apparel industry.  


The Eternal Knot or "Shrivatsa" used for the NOYA Fibers logo is an important cultural marker in places significantly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, including Mongolia. We chose this sacred symbol because it represents our core values as a brand and company, reflecting on our shared commitment with the people of Mongolia to maintain the integrity and quality of our product, while upholding the highest environmental, social and economic standards found in the cashmere fiber industry. Our logo serves as a symbol for a better future for the Mongolian people and our planet. 


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Through the development and implementation of a singular, global standard for responsible cashmere, NOYA is driving to connect the products that nomadic herders produce to the global marketplace by emphasizing transparency and traceability throughout the supply.

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