Greg Goble, CEO / Founder

Greg Goble founded NOYA Fibers shortly after graduating from Colorado State University where he earned his MBA in Global, Social, and Sustainable Enterprises.  A San Diego native, Greg has a background in the outdoor retail industry having worked as an Operations Analyst for REI, and more recently as a Business and Portfolio Management Analyst for OtterBox. Greg has taught courses on entrepreneurship at various clubs, colleges, and universities throughout the US. 

Crispin Argento, COO / Director of Sales

Crispin joined NOYA Fibers' team in May 2015 after co-founding the Portland Apparel Lab—a business accelerator for responsible lifestyle entrepreneurs. Crispin is a sustainable fashion expert and frequent speaker on issues affecting the fashion industry, advocating that fashion companies should serve as a force for good, leading to systemic and lasting impact through better design, scientific innovation and responsible business practices that drive profitability and value.  When not working on the NOYA project, Crispin is helping brands and suppliers engage sustainability through Futuremade,, a brand integrity and sustainable innovation agency. 


Bill Barclay, NOYA Board of Advisors

Bill founded OmegaTech Inc. (Boulder, Colorado) and held offices as the President and Vice President of Research and Development, as well as Chief Scientific Officer.   At OmegaTech, Bill led development of a successful heterotrophic microalgal technology for the production of lipids rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  Bill has spent over 30 years in microalgal biotechnology research. Bill joined NOYA’s team as an accomplished entrepreneur Inventor and member of the Board of Trustees at The Nature Conservancy. 

Chris Pague, Senior Conservation Biologist, The Nature Conservancy

Chris is an expert in grassland conservation and has personally been overseeing the degraded grassland rehabilitation in Mongolia for the last ten years.  Chris has overseen the installation of six fully equipped and out-posted rangers to the Toson Khulstai Reserve and supervises the management of the wildlife in the area with his associate, Gala Davaa, the director of Mongolian Conservation for The Nature Conservancy.  The ground work that Pague and TNC have put in place for the implementation of sustainable grazing business models will prove immensely helpful in the coming years as this project is implemented on the ground.

Gala Davaa, Conservation Director, The Nature Conservancy

Born in sparsely populated western Mongolia, Gala Davaa developed a passion for protecting the wild, rolling grasslands that define his country’s environment.  With degrees from Central European University/Manchester University and the Yale School of Forestry and a fellowship with the Conservancy’s Colorado program, Gala’s international conservation acumen has allowed him to play a key role in confronting the developmental issues that threaten Mongolia’s ecosystems.  Gala provides a unique local conservation perspective and has been one of NOYA’s key advisors in developing the Partnership plan.